Losing more so-called friends – resolution for 2022

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities, Psychology & Philosophy

In 2022 – I aim to lose one more so-called friend. Did I say friend? I did not. I have no friends, so it is always so-called friends. They’re not many anyway – so it is easy to happen really.

Instant confrontation

Stupid: What? You’re going to die alone a grumpy old man!

CW: Do I give a flying banana? I do not. I’ll die a very contented old man.

Stupid: You’re impossible – that’s why you don’t have friends!

CW: I need only one friend – and s/he is called the Truth!

Stupid: That’s ridiculous. Try going for a coffee and a chat with ‘The Truth’.

CW: I do that all the time. It’s wonderful. Together  ‘The Truth’ and I gaze upon the facades created by the menagerie. It’s not for us.

Stupid: You call that ‘wonderful’. You need to get a life bro!

CW: I decide how I live my life. Not you or anybody else. I’m at peace with the truth.

Stupid: So you’re basically threatening the few people close you – isn’t it?

CW: Pure rubbish. I have always been fully above board with all who get near to me. And they are reminded because human nature is to forget the detail.  So – if they get the chop suddenly and without warning, they were well prepared. I don’t beg people to self-correct.

Stupid: You’re a narcissist, occupied with your own image.

CW: Utter garbage. I care for lots of people, and try to help them often at cost to me in terms of time, effort and disappointment. You very well know that you are talking rubbish, because you live inside me and see all that I do. You’re just doing the usual ‘take down’, so often seen on social media.

Stupid: Well whaddayah expect? You spend loads of time on forums, so I see through your eyes what happens up there on social media.

CW: True. And I imagine you learn much of the name-calling and idiotic patterns of thinking. The reason you exist as a creation of my mind, is to replicate all that I cannot control.

Stupid: You do control me. You stuff me back in the box when it is not convenient.

CW: Yes I do that, as I will quite soon. But I don’t impose what you should or shouldn’t learn through my eyes. You’ve learned how to be a name-calling despicable liar.

Stupid: Really?

CW: Yes – and one day – if you can unwrap your psychological DNA  and weave it back differently – you may develop true intelligence.

Stupid: How insulting and condescending!

CW: The Truth can be that way. Sorry. That’s exactly what my so-called friends don’t like. They tend to suffer the effects of emotions. So fragile are they. Now let’s end this so I can get on with the blog. Back in the box. Now. Bye.


Now – as I was about to say, on 30th June 2018 I said that I tend to lose friends because:

  1. I can’t stand mediocrity and constantly push all my could-be friends to achieve more. Pushing people to do better and achieve more is actually a bad thing.
  2. I challenge their bullshit relentlessly.
  3. I accept no bledy excuses such as “I’m totally lazy, disorganised and can’t think straight – or “I was busy.” – or “It’s me depression acting up.
  4. I don’t speak in ‘politically correct’ ways. No – you get nothing dressed up with me. I tell you like it is i.e. how I see it.
  5. I don’t provide emotional support for bullshit. [And I’m not defining what ‘bullshit’ is].
  6. Lies and dishonesty cause me a problem – and they are often told about it in the rawest terms.
  7. People claiming to be my friend or seeking my friendship, can’t stand being laid bare open with my words. What they want is an easy life – I’m the wrong person for that.
  8. Some of these folk think they’re clever. They think their words mean a whole lot. They don’t realise that I track their actions.
  9. My attention to detail is scary. It’s very tough being around someone who won’t forget the cuhrap ‘you’ said 6 months ago. [Oh yes – I let them get away with contradicting stories and lies many times,  cuz I’m tracking what they’re doing (not saying). The pattern is more important than the content.]
  10. Some of these folk want to make me out to be demented i.e. the usual about ‘your memory is wrong’. Little do they know that with someone who can type >80wpm, screenshot and catalogue things in a jiffy  – that I have my evidence well in tact.
  11. They don’t get lots of gifts, cards or hampers. It’s rather rare actually.

Folk tend to hang around for a while because they get something. Maybe it is something non-tangible, cuz for sure they ain’t getting anything tangible.  Some of them say they like my honesty, in how I tell it to them straight. But I see how they wince, when they get it. The non-verbals are so much more important, than “I like you for your honesty.” They’re just words – those cheap and easy things.

What most people want is an image of themselves that they think will stick ‘out there’. People actually believe that others see them in that ‘image’. It’s a grand delusion. Well, I don’t live or share in anybody’s self-created delusion. [To be clear, I am not referring to mental illness or disorder when I say ‘delusion’]. My personal mission from the age of 17 was to destroy false images. That came out when at that age I wrote a piece for a newspaper with the penname of ‘iconoclast’.

Intelligence can be attractive – but it can also be painful, if you’re on the incisive end of it. Bullshitters – and they don’t really know themselves to be bullshitters – obviously won’t like an incisive experience. My conversations with Stupid brings that out a lot.

So – 2022 is a year for going it more alone. Oh dear – the English language rules minds – so most reading this will infer that I might be lonely  and all the ‘concern’ the govt and charities have about loneliness in thuh pandemic. After all, people are programmed by media to hold certain attitudes, which then shape what they will think or feel. That’s how it works for ‘everybody’ – except me of course. Alone does not mean loneliness. It means more time to think productively, analyse this existence and to savour this brief flicker in time.

The major discontentment that has lived with me from my late teenage years, has been how such an intelligent species could at the same time, be so stupid. We could have built a utopia 50 or 100 years ago, if not for our human weaknesses.

I came alone. No one goes with us at the end.

Disclaimer & Guidance

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