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The Substack Option

It’s a new year and there will be new developments.

Walker is breaking out on Substack! Interestingly, Substack blogs can accept paid subscriptions quite easily when linked to Stripe.

Everybody calm down! This blog will remain in place and continue to be posted to at the usual average frequency. Several Substack blogs will develop in parallel over the next 11 months.

Content up there will be focused on specific topics many of which will be in the mental health domain. But other Substack blogs will cover computing, law, lifestyle and a lot more.

I’m working on an idea to get ‘Stupid’ up there as well. But that’s not a priority! 😂

Subscriptions will start at the minimum allowed of £3.5o per month. Obviously I don’t expect a major following at the outset until I have whole bunch of stuff up there.

The idea is for Substacks to lead into ‘the book’ that is being written. But I do things in parallel as well. So I may not wait on Substacks to develop, before the book is published.

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