Unlawful behaviours

by Captain Walker

Categories: Law and order

This is now defined by the Royal College of Psychiatrists as

Unlawful behaviours
Some examples of unlawful behaviours are:
• Comments about the way someone looks which they may find demeaning
• Treating someone unfairly because of their marital status
• Indecent remarks
• Touching without permission
• Spreading malicious rumours about someone’s sexuality.
It is important to emphasise that although those exhibiting a particular behaviour may
intend it to be friendly it is the way that behaviour is perceived by the recipient which
normally determines whether it is appropriate.

The evidence is here and it may disappear suddenly. If a tree fell in the forest and no one saw it, did it really fall?! Oh yes it did. And you will see how in another post coming soon.

Some did the speed-read on the above and missed this, ‘ it is the way that behaviour is perceived by the recipient which normally determines whether it is appropriate.‘ And that’s fine for most people, cuz nobody wants to be touched or spoken to ‘inappropriately’.

So now, if you perceive it as inappropriate, the other person wrong! You could perceive whatever you like, and it’s their fault. Ahhh.. I need ‘you know who’ in on this… right..

Stupid: What are you banging on about now! You think people should be spoken to the way you speak to me.

CW: I do not. You of all people should know exactly what’s in my head.

Stupid: Errh….um.. yah.. you got me there.

CW: So now I perceive you as a trouble-maker, constantly making false accusations and trying to take me down. I think that’s bullying and harassment.

Stupid: What?! Are you calling me a bully?

CW: Yes!

Stupid: That’s offensive. I perceive that you have offended me by calling me a bully. You’re disgusting.

CW: You had better report it to the Royal College of Psychiatrists! They’ll surely take up your complaint.

Stupid: Yeah – but you won’t let me.

CW: You figured?

Stupid: So unfair!

CW: Well when I perceive you abusing me on this site, I can’t go the RCPsych and complain about you. So it’s even Stevens – innit.

Stupid: ..uh…um.. yeah.. you’re right again.

CW: Darn right! Time up!

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