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Arrogant again

Oh well, here we go again. Another social media conversation ending with me being called arrogant. The outline is below.

So it made me wonder again what is the definition of ‘arrogant’ – and by extension condescending.

There’s a wide open information superhighway where anyone can find the dictionary meaning. Google is your friend. Ahhh.. but it’s apparently arrogant to say that!

Dispatching anybody to do their own reading is also to be called arrogant, in social media circles. Apparently, what generation snowflake wants is to be spoon fed information and when you tell them ‘DYOR’ (do your own reading) they become upset.

So – you are meant to spoon feed and chew the food for them. But don’t make the mistake to swallow the food for them, else you’ll be labelled with some other unsavoury adjective.

In today’s world ‘arrogant’ has also come to mean speaking with authority on some matter, without declaring your credentials or worse yet if you have no credential. That’s called ‘speaking out of turn’ in the Empire. If you say, “I’m a virologist (or scientist) so I know X, Y, or Z” then you’re okay. Of course on social media people have no way of verifying anybody’s credentials.

Condescending is when you tell someone something very basic, and they think “Why he hell is he telling me that. Everybody knows. He takes me for a fool.” Well, I usually get told that I’m condescending because on many occasions the other person is apparently oblivious to some basic fact or principle – which then leads me to recite it. Then of course the other person would realise how stupid they are – or feel stupid. And of course I’m not there to make them feel stupid. I’m only there to make my point. So, I see nothing wrong in quoting something basic in order to state my case. Well tough – if you felt stupid because you knew something basic and did not apply it, who’s fault is that? That you come to feel stupid because you impaled yourself by positing an an empty argument, is not my fault.

If you unknowingly took on Mike Tyson and you got knocked out, is Mike Tyson to blame? Oh puhleese. Then you go off and call Mike Tyson a bully when you discover who he is? Jeeez. I give up.

Let’s get Stupid in on this….

Stupid: Yes! I told you several times you are arrogant! Now somebody else is telling you.

CW: And so?

Stupid: You need to pipe down.

CW: That’ll be a cold day in hell or after my last breath! Just get a grip – you don’t command me what to do.

Stupid: There you are right now – being arrogant again.

CW: There you are again, being an immature idiot. I’m telling you as it is. You may not like it. You might feel ‘told to push off’ – and that’s exactly what it is. I decide what I do.

Stupid: You decide what you do? Even more arrogant.

CW: WTF!! Yes – nobody else decides for me what I do. Not you – not Boris Johnson.

Stupid: You are so self-important.

CW: Chrysst! What – cuz I said Boris Johnson does not decide for me? I don’t get it. I refuse to get it. This is pure rubbish.

Stupid: And who are you to call Putin a psychopath.

CW: That ‘who are you’ sort of question is exactly what happens on social media. What – I’m supposed to be somebody of authority and importance to say why I think what I think? Total nonsense. If Putin is a psychopath I won’t be the first to say so. I’m not diagnosing Putin. When other people were busy diagnosing Trump as a narcissist, no one had a problem with that (except Trump of course).

Stupid: You asked me to come out here today.

CW: Yes – and I got more than I bargained for. Many thanks and now push off back to your cage. Instantly – no buts.


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