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Social media communication – how you do it

As some may know, I spend a fair amount of time on social media forums. I’m bewildered about the sort of ‘thinking’ – if you can call it that – that goes on up there.  The following was a classic.


I don’t understand why hardly any of the comments get deleted. American company. Clearly have no idea how language works in Britain

Captain Walker

“I don’t understand why hardly any of the comments get deleted.”
Hardly? It’s a regular occurrence.


You misunderstood. I meant I don’t understand why any of the comments get deleted. I read them, they are fine, and the next moment they are gone. Half of mine seem to vanish as well. It’s bonkers.

Captain Walker

It would have been preferable to be clearer at the outset. But this is social media. So.

You may now throw a jibe at me to confirm that this is social media. Go for it.

What it means is that one must not only read the words on the page. One must be a mind reader, else you can’t know what the other person meant. Ridiculous!!

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