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Sometimes you (meaning me) needs a calculator fast. One might think of calculators as for doing sums – and that’s fine (as they say). However, calculators can do far much more. Obviously, this is not going to be lecture involving lists of reasons why ‘one’ may need a calculator.

If you’re on a laptop or desktop – and it happens to be Windows 10 – there is a lovely calculator app, that can calculate a whole range of things. It won’t read your mind. You need to be able to tap in some numbers and press the ‘equals’ sign. Why am I saying it like that? Well, there are ‘some’ people of the social media variety who think that a calculator will read their minds. I don’t know who’s reading this page. If I don’t explain, I’ll upset somebody or the other – and when I explain I’ll upset another set of people who think I’m being patronising. I can’t win! Well, the great thing about this blog is that I don’t have to give a ‘flying flamingo‘!

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