Comprehension is dead

by Captain Walker

Categories: Psychology & Philosophy

In a previous post, I had reason to conclude that ‘Reading is dead‘.  Of course one can read and understand nothing!

The social media era has seen a destruction of both reading as a physical act of moving the eyes across the page and decoding words – but also people don’t even understand what words mean anymore. And who cares! They don’t – as long as they get their thumbs ups, that’s all that matters.

I take the following real conversation from a forum as proof that comprehension is dead. Did I say ‘you’ who reads this has be convinced. I couldn’t give a flying flamingo.

NX: I fear despite your prediction of “ bankruptcy” it will struggle on indefinitely .

CW: In social media terms – where the first thing that pops into the head becomes a fact – you are right. In another sphere, I can’t find where I predicted bankruptcy, which means I am wrong. Power to you.

NX: I quote your exact words “Some actually believe that the Russian economy is booming when it is near bankruptcy.”

CW: Thank you. And in social media terms that means I predicted bankruptcy. You are powerful.

Instead, you could become the champion of the ‘underdog’ which is another social media phenomenon – and say “I know what s/he means.” Do people understand what words mean anymore? I don’t think so. But…. erhh..

Stupid: You said the Russian economy is near bankruptcy!

CW: Yes. And?

Stupid: So that means you predict it. What’s wrong with you!

CW: Is NX your twin brother or something?

Stupid: No. So what?

CW: You and he appear to be equally thick. That’s what.

Stupid: Are you trying to insult me?!

CW: You could take it as an attempt to insult you – my observation would be correct regardless of whether it is an insult.

Stupid: What?

CW: I said that you appear to be equally thick as NX – and that is it. It is my observation based on the exact stupid pattern of thought.

Stupid: I don’t know what you are talking about.

CW: Of course you don’t.  I’m explaining it not for you, but for the record on this blog – that both of you think that because someone (namely me) says that the Russian economy is near bankruptcy means I’ve predicted bankruptcy.

Stupid: But you did predict it!

CW: Great – which means you don’t know what the word predict means – same for NX.

Stupid: So – smartass – what does predict mean?

CW: Predict means to make a statement of some outcome. What I said was that “the Russian economy is booming when it is near bankruptcy.” Nothing in those words was about an outcome.

Stupid: You’re playing with words!

CW: Listen to this – you are near to being put back in the box. That’s not a statement of outcome. It means you are close to being locked up.

Stupid: That means you are going to lock me away again.

CW: No. All it means is that you are close. I made no statement that you are going to be locked up – even if you feel that is a possibility. It is not about what you ‘feel’ is is about what the words actually mean. You could be close to death and not die. Equally the Russian economy could be close to bankruptcy yet not suffer bankruptcy.

Stupid: This is doing my head in. It is splitting hairs.

CW: Being close is not the outcome. What you need, is a real example. Here it is: In less than 30 seconds you are going to be locked up again for being so utterly thick! Now that is a prediction. So first you were close but not quite there. And now I’m telling you you will be locked up within 30  seconds – so I’ve predicted it. I’ve told you the outcome.

Stupid: Please.. don’t.. stop.

CW: Time up. You were close but no outcome statement made. Then I separately predicted you would be locked up, which is a statement of outcome. You are now locked up! Poof!

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