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Remote control my computers

This post is not for luddites and not for people who are diehard Apple lovers.

Right – so I needed a solution for controlling my PC, when I’m watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. Somebody want’s to know why. Jeez. So – I’m sitting  or lying several feet from  my desktop which works with a large 50 inch screen.

I can pause and restart movies by tapping on a Bluetooth headphone button. I can also control volume from headphones. But often times I want to do more. Like I might need to rewind several minutes after I’ve nodded off! 😁 Or I might realise, “This movies is rubbish – move on!”. I don’t want to get up, go to the PC to fiddle with a mouse.

Two solutions arose.

Wireless mouse: from my bed I can use a Bluetooth mouse to navigate the 50-inch PC screen.

When I’m in hotels, I don’t carry a Bluetooth mouse – and I won’t go into all the reasons. So when I’m using my laptop I needed another solution. Teamviewer remote to the rescue. I’m sorry but not sorry to say ‘As I said’ but I will say ‘As I said’ – this is not for luddites.

Teamviewer remote: is easily installed on any windows system. It works with the Android Teamviewer  remote app. Both are totally FREE. Then it’s a simple thing to crank up both apps, enter a user ID and password to connect phone to PC. There are various modes to configure for one’s personal preferences on the Android app, which requires some experimentation. This works like a dream, from my phone. I then use the phone’s screen like a mouse.

Tutorials are not given on this site. This is a DIY site. I point the way and if you wanna try it, you make it happen. I don’t get paid to give hand-holding IT support!

I’m so not interested in the following impediments related to the above, among anyone reading this:

  1. Does not have a 50 inch PC screen or a laptop.
  2. Does not need remote control access of their computer.
  3. Is scared.
  4. Has large fingers.
  5. Poor eyesight.

That’s it if anyone got this far.

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