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Found it after 50 years!

This is no joke. I’ve been looking for a particular brand and taste of chocolate milk for 50 years. And now I’ve found it.

When I was a young child I used to enjoy it cold, in cans labelled C-CMEL. After searching intermittently for years, I could not find it anywhere on the net. So then I thought that if it existed today, it may have gone by a different name. This does not mean I have been camping at supermarkets and off-licences and buying chocolate milk by the hour or the day! Oh yes – I have to say that, cuz in a social media world imaginations can easily turn into fact. The net is a dangerous place these days.

Right – so by accident, I spotted one in Sainsbury as in picture below. When I saw ‘since 1951’ I had a sudden feeling this might be the one!

And – it was! It is that distinctive taste and finish, as it was way back then.

And – the same thing happened i.e. its so hard to drink it slowly cuz it’s so delicious and full of flavour.  It was something I could never have forgotten.

As usual ‘people’ will now infer that I am happy – which is a concept that does not exist in my mind.

That’s why I am afraid to share what I feel anywhere. People will take what’s in their heads and then tell me what I feel.

I enjoy it – and that’s the end of that. I don’t need to be happy or sad or wha’everrr! Chysst! Why can’t I be allowed to define my own state of being!

Tough – I’m not explaining this further.

I am so not interested in who doesn’t like chocolate or chocolate milk or is allergic to wha’everrr.

I’m off to enjoy my Cocio chocolate milk and not feel happy! Everybody bugger off! I do not need advice on alternatives!

Stupid: So you’re trying to say….

CW: I’m not trying to say anything STFU! How the hell did you get out? Back in the box – instantly!

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