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How human thought flows

This post is going to be updated at regular intervals. I found a way to hide text from posts until they are properly completed. So – what’s seen at this time is only what I want to show. Yes – I can do non-published drafts. But I find it better to show as I go, what I want to show ‘as published’. Sometimes I may be unclear or uncertain about certain ideas. I can then hide those parts until I am clearer, in a published post. I also found out how to allow readers to click and reveal parts of posts, like the ‘spoiler’ to this post below. I think that will avoid to early distractions in a lot of my posts. When Stupid interrupts for example I could leave that in collapsible¬†sections.


What’s amazing is that human beings have the gift of thinking and thought – but they seem to have very little control, discipline and means to manage thought processes. How dare I make such a sweeping statement, when we’ve sent man to the moon and spacecraft into deep space?

Right there is a problem, in evaluating the integrity of human thought for the whole human race. How? People take the extremes of sound thought and generalise it too widely to the ‘whole human race’. I’m not going to do the opposite, which would be to take a minority of instances of rubbish thought processes and generalise to everybody. I’m talking about that big ‘middle’ – the people who are well above learning disability to the lot who are not nearly rocket scientists.

How do I do it? I hang in forums to observe how the average Joe or Jane out there addresses issues. Forums are of course great because one has the benefit of thoughts/thinking written in words. So – it’s all recorded there for my analysis. Over the years I observed the patterns, structure and quality of thinking that goes on out there. So eventually in this post, I will aim to draw some diagrams of how thought has flowed from a classic example. Just to be clear it’s not the only example.


Stupid: You’re making this complicated!

CW: Yeah – it would be complicated for your type. You don’t even surf the internet.

Stupid: I don’t get it.

CW: All I’m doing is ensuring that when I’m distracted by your nonsense, other people aren’t equally distracted.

Stupid: How insulting!

CW: Nope – it’s a fact. Off you pop!


Blah blah .. more to come later.

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