Wonders of life

by Captain Walker

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Wonders of Life is a series available for free on BBC Iplayer – for those with a TV licence.

This is a good series. I came across some clips on YouTube then hunted it down. The first one I watched was “What is Life?”

Prof Cox explains things so that ordinary people can understand. It’s so good that I found myself rewinding parts to listen again. The filmography is amazing. Background music is soothing and makes everything interesting.

The nature of life, is a topic I had explored before – so naturally I would be attracted to this documentary.

It is not recommended for God believers, because it may cause them distress with all the evidence about evolution, and that the earth and universe are far older than 6000 years. Some may then accuse the creators of the programme as assaulting their religious beliefs etc. Yuh know – it’s a social media world, where whatever you feel becomes reality.

Well, in any event God believers are not expected to be attracted to this sort of thing anyway.

Rude interruption

Stupid: You don’t usually say good things about anything!

CW: Rubbish.

Stupid: So you think Brian Cox is the next best thing after sliced bread? You worship him!

CW: What the devil is wrong with you! Ooops.. jeez…yeah I should know.

Stupid: Well, for you to be saying anything good about anybody you must worship them.

CW: This is becoming more bizarre with each day. I can’t say anything much these days without you popping out and asserting some rubbish or the other.

Stupid: And?

CW: Right. I don’t worship Prof Brian Cox. In fact I don’t particularly like him because he smiles and talks a whole lot.

Stupid: And so what?

CW: I usually think that people who smile and talk a whole lot are disingenuous, based on my experience of observing many psychiatrists in the NHS over the years.

Stupid: But you still watched the films?

CW: Yes. I don’t let my personal feelings or ideas about someone prevent me from listening to what they say. Perhaps that’s a weakness, which is why I tolerate you so much!

Stupid: Well I’m no Prof Cox.

CW: LMAOooooo!! You don’t say! Ohhhh. ha ha… haa.. haaa. That’s a good one! OMG.. I’m in stitches!

Stupid: Why are you laughing at me!

CW: Sorry – I could ..barely.. .OMG! Ha haaah.. haa…oh dear God. My sides hurt. Look – just get back .. in the.. box…. before I collapse with laughter. 


Right – I’ve taken a few minutes to compose myself after that rude but hilarious interruption. Ok – so anyone interested in exploring this, I think it’ll be really good and informative.

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