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Neat trick with Camtasia and Snagit

Some people – there are always ‘some people’ – will not know about Camtasia and Snagit. The Semmelweis reflex takes care of that lot. The way it works is that if you hear about something that sounds technical or comes from somebody you think is a nerd, you move on swiftly. After all ‘what’s it got to do with you‘. What ‘some people’ think to themselves is ‘I’m just a luddite..and I’m happy like that – thank you very much.’ And they may say to you, “Have a fine day‘. If you just jumped off a boat – or should I say ‘airplane’ so as not to appear racist – for the first time on English soil, you might be inclined to respond, “And a fine day to your too. Thank you.” – thinking ‘How nice‘. What you don’t know is that ‘Have a fine day‘ actually is polite code for ‘Push off..‘ or ‘piss off..’ or ‘F* off.’ If you have dogs to bathe, gardens to weed, birds to feed etc please do all that and don’t even think about returning here.


Stupid: Are you gonna get on with it? It’s taking forever! FFS.

CW: No! It’s my blog. My keyboard and my brain. You don’t tell me what to do or when to do it!

Stupid: Well nobody is gonna stick around to read anything you write if you go on like that.

CW: Do I give a flying flamingo? I do not!

Stupid: Have you got a flamingo?

CW: Right – STFU. Back in the box.


Right – after that annoying interruption yet again – I need to refocus at my own speed in my own way. Anybody who does not know, Camtasia and Snagit will find the video below ‘confusing’. People naturally tend to think about news things like this – “I don’t need that – it’s not for me.” Life’s too short – isn’t it? I mean with Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and Amazon grabbing people’s time they ain’t got much to do explore anything new.

So – after some more tweaking and refining the process, the quotation looks like that below. I like it. It’s not a video. It’s a GIF, which is an animated image. Now that I have the process sorted out, it makes it easier to use it in other ways. I am not restricted to quotations.

I’ve been playing with video and graphics software for over 10 years. I’ve never attended a ‘course’ on these things. All I do is experiment and learn from YouTube vids on how people are using these things.

I don’t have to understand how they work. I forget about understanding and just do stuff. Understanding comes later.

This is not about experimenting with dangerous stuff like atomic bombs, where you better understand what you’re doing before you dabble. But.. but.. some people want to understand everything before they can do ‘anything’. That’s fine for them.

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