I found it

by Captain Walker

Categories: Psychology & Philosophy

Well, I know that I do not throw away things that are/were of value to me. I found the book FALLACY: The counterfeit of argument,  in a storage box in my garage today 2022-05-29 around 12:30PM. It means I’ve kept that book for just over 40 years! Snapshots below. It is/was an important book because it shaped by mind on how I would approach the world from my teens henceforth.


Distasteful interruption

Stupid: Who the hell cares about your stupid old book!

CW: The book is not stupid, but it explains your very existence as a product of my mind, at here Who is Stupid?

Stupid: Yes but who cares! FFS!

CW: Probably no one, except me.

Stupid: So why are you wasting time, writing about it!? Don’t you have anything better to do?

CW: I do not write on this blog for any audience. I keep no hit count and there are no subscribers from the public domain. So I couldn’t give a flying flamingo who cares or doesn’t care. I write for me, and no one else. It is my record of my thoughts and experiences.

Stupid: Well, that’s pretty narcissistic – isn’t it?

CW: Chrysst! Someone who records their own experiences is automatically a narcissist. Your stupidity has now taken off to a new level. I could equally have written all this in a paper-based diary and not shared it with the world – in which case I would equally be writing for no audience.

Stupid: So why put this in the public domain if you want no audience. That’s the narcissistic part.

CW: Yes – I do not want a public audience but I write in case anyone out there might happen upon these posts and benefit from them. Valuing one’s thoughts is not narcissistic – else everybody in the world would be a narcissist.

Stupid: But why on a website? Just keep your blody thoughts to yourself in a paper diary as  you mentioned.

CW: Writing on a website allows me to post hyperlinks to content that I may have read. I cannot easily paste images into paper-based diary nor can I hyperlink anything that way without extreme effort. I cannot embed videos in a paper-based diary.

Stupid: I’m not convinced. I still think it is a waste of time.

CW: That’s grand. Cuz I’m not here to convince you or anybody else. Now back in the box before this gets ugly!


Jeez – I’m struggling to recover from the above interruption.

The book is now digitised and free to everybody at the Internet Archive. 

It has a new cover and new layout but much of the content has remained the same.

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