Not everybody

by Captain Walker

Categories: Psychology & Philosophy

Not everybody is the same – jeez I know it is obvious. So – why are there people who are called weird? I’m not talking about looks. Some people think differently about things, so they are labelled as weird. This is because they have some ideas that are pretty different to ‘everybody‘. This means that ‘everybody’ must subscribe to the same set of ideas. Well, that’s what they don’t say – but that’s what ‘they’ want. Huh? They don’t say that everybody must have the same set of ideas – but yet ‘they’ frown when ideas are different. I’m not talking about terrorists, who are definitely weird. Look, I’m not about to give a list of all categories who are genuinely weird.

I came across these videos which resonated with me.

Of course the intelligent aren’t allowed to declare that they are, else they’re arrogant or narcissistic. Contrast with stupid people who are always allowed to declare that they’re ‘thick’, stupid, lacking in education, or unskilled at A, B, or C. That lot gets lots of sympathy and accommodation from people – like ‘support’.  I think there is a bias towards allowances for stupid people, and far less for intelligent people. So – you’re meant to hug anyone declaring that they are stupid, but push away and insult anyone declaring they’re intelligent or above average intelligence. I just do as I please, not what I’m meant to do!

But strange is it not – that stupid people tend not to be aware of the degree of their stupidity, whilst above average intelligence people recognise their limits.

I am not ‘saying’ that all intelligent people are introverts, or should be. One of the videos above says introverts are intelligent. Well, introverts can also be pretty dumb too.

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