Patterns not predictions

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities, Psychology & Philosophy

As some will not know, I have been writing about ‘patterns‘ for quite some time. To be clear at the outset, for those who have not read what I have said, patterns predict nothing! Patterns create a probability in favour of the pattern. It’s a simple as ‘If you visit KFC twice per month, you’ll probably continue to do so over the next few months with similar regularity.‘ (barring any other interrupting factors).

The Times of 25th June 2022, reported:

Boris Johnson has insisted he will not undergo any “psychological transformation

Today’s headline on Boris Johnson is therefore of no suprise to me (see below – clickable for magnified view).

Rude Interruption

Stupid: So are you trying to say you are great because you predicted something about Johnson?

CW: You’re lucky to be allowed to break into this. No – I’m not trying to be ‘great’ or to say I predicted anything.

Stupid: Well you’re gloating – aren’t you?

CW: You are entitled to whatever perception pops into your head. Reality is quite different.

Stupid: So what are you trying to do FFS!?

CW: As I said above, I was simply making the point that patterns create a probability in favour of the pattern.

Stupid: I’m  not convinced! And I don’t eat KFC!

CW: I couldn’t give a I couldn’t give a flying flamingo if you don’t eat KFC. And tough – I’m not here to convince you or anybody else. I gather evidence, I analyse it and I present it. Anyone reading this can take, or leave it. End of.

Stupid: End of? How old are you? Sheesh!

CW: Much older than you – now back in that box! Instantly.


See the LBD vid below

Right – I’ll wrap up here. All articles tagged with ‘patterns’ are here:

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