Prevention without prediction

by Captain Walker

Categories: Science & Medicine

Bandwagons of people believe that in order to prevent some terrible event happening, one must be able to predict what is likely to happen. In a social media world, crowd sentiment wins. Thankfully there is a reality beyond the confines of craniums!

I will avoid going back into my thoughts on prediction and risk, in this post. Some will need to play catch up.

You don’t have to predict when you will catch COVID to take protective measures e.g. avoiding crowds, closed poorly ventilated spaces, and wearing an appropriate mask etc.

Similarly you don’t have to predict that you will get run over by crossing a busy road, to prevent it – by using your eyes and ears properly and selecting an appropriate time to cross the road.

The infographic below is a general template for preventability. It is not a tutorial. In due course a more in depth analysis will appear on our affiliated site: Investigative Psychiatry.


Stupid: This is a stupid post because it is confusing!

CW: Good. Then I’ll prevent you from becoming more confused by returning you to your cage with much speed. Poof! You’re gone!



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