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Chippy shop smell or bum-water – the choice is yours

Oh dear me. I’ve made somebody unhappy by causing a chippy shop smell in a kitchen. Well, there’s always a first time as they say.

So what’s the story? I’m living in shared accommodation at a hospital for work purposes. That’s nothing new as I’ve done this on few occasions before.

Dr X was unpleasantly confrontational at 22:25PM Friday 29th July 2022.

I was coming out of Room 28. He was inside the shared kitchen, with the door opened. The kitchen is just opposite to Room 28. He asked in an angry manner if I threw out his cutlery. I said that I threw out some disposable cutlery that was in a kitchen drawer, and that I’m sorry as I did not know it was his. [The cutlery is single use wooden cutlery that is normally disposable.] He then goes, “You must ask me before you throw out anything.” I said, “I’ll throw out anything like that and stuff that is looking spoilt in the fridge.”  I then tried to enter the kitchen. He stood in my way, then he goes “step back please...” raising his voice at me, whilst looking aggressive. I stepped back because he persisted in his hostile manner. I feared for my safety.

I said, “You need to get your act together and stop leaving the counter tops and floor in the kitchen in a mess and water all over the toilet“.

He goes, “And you have to stop leaving the kitchen smelling like a chippy shop when you use the oven or cooker to cook whatever you are cooking!” I said, “Sorry I can cook what I like. I leave the window open to ventilate the kitchen. If you don’t like the chippy shop smell report it to management but I’ve already told them about what’s happening here.” So he says, “Yes I will.” – which is fine by me.

See pics from my chippy shop below.
Dr J  (who also shares the flat) saw some of this jam or something, that was spilled on the table in the kitchen, and onto the floor a few days ago. he said it was not his. It was a sticky mess. I had to use a blue cloth with dishwashing liquid to get it off the floor after it stayed there for over 24 hours.
Dr X leaves his black non-disposable gloves on the table and on the kitchen counter. I repeatedly had to move them onto one of the stacked black chairs in the corner of the kitchen. Well sorry, that’s an infection risk. I don’t know what those gloves have touched. I’m trying to keep the place clean. See below – black gloves back on the table where I have to eat.
On Thursday morning (28th July) I found packaging containing some remains of food that was going off. I handed it to him, and he threw it out. If I didn’t bring it to his attention. It would have remained there in the fridge.

It appears that Dr X is using two blue containers to wash his bum in the toilet. If water is getting onto the floor as it is, I have to assume there is bum-contaminated water on the floor. The toilet seat is also left damp and with sprinkles of water(?). This has happened several times. Management were made aware of this last week.

I have done nothing wrong. I did not provoke anything in the above. I have lived in  hospital shared flats before. I’ve never had this sort of thing before.
So – am I to understand that chippy shop smell in a kitchen is worse than bum water thrown around in a toilet?! FFS!
Ridiculous jibe

Stupid: This is so funny!! Serves you right!

CW: WTF! It’s not funny and I did nothing to cause this.

Stupid: Well you shouldn’t have thrown out his cutlery.

CW: I didn’t know it was his and it was disposable. You’re talking rubbish.

Stupid: How do you know he’s washing his bum in the toilet?

CW: I don’t know for certain that he’s washing his bum in the toilet, as I have not put a spy camera in there.

Stupid: So you’re wrong.

CW: No – you’re taking the piss. There is no need for a bar of soap in the toilet or for it to be left on the ledge near the window because there is a soap dispenser in the toilet that works.

Stupid: Well he could have been washing his face in there.

CW: Sure – and he needs two containers to wash his face – and he washes his face over the toilet bowl.

Stupid: Some people do.

CW: Well some people need to use a shower room where there is a larger sink and one container is more than enough. In fact there is a separate container in there already.

Stupid: You don’t know what’s going on in there. You have no evidence.

CW: Yes – that’s true. And when I have no hard evidence I can maker reasonable inferences based on what I know and see. I know that when I see containers in a toilet with a bar of soap next to them, that the probability is that persons of a certain ethnic appearance tend to use those to wash their bum. Water is falling on the floor and on the toilet seat. I’ve seen it. There is a low probability that people wash their faces over a toilet bowl. So my probability estimate is that he is washing his bum on or over the toilet.

Stupid: I don’t know about that. That sounds racist.

CW: Good. So pipe down. It is not racist at all. It is a matter of fact that there is a probability of certain ethnic groups using implements to wash their backside in toilets.

Stupid: Really?

CW: Yes. Off you pop!


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