Don’t bother to save 50% on your food bill.

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

Some people want to save money on food and some don’t.

In my recent bill below I saved 69%. Obviously, I won’t get that saving every time. But the more savings I make; they will add up.

It was on food that was reduced-price, around 16:30PM on a Sunday.  There are other days and times when they set out reduce-priced food. Obviously, not everybody can get to their local supermarket around those times. So – tough!

Most food that is reduced-price is quite good once consumed within a reasonable time.

If it is meat – it can be frozen for months. In the above receipt, I got chicken breasts reduced from £4.20 to £1.05. There were vegetables that could have been used in a day or two.

Do you need to be told that you do not freeze a bag of watercress? If so, you’re in the wrong place.

Nonsensical interruption

Stupid: This is ridiculous. You’re earning tons of money, why would you want to penny-pinch?

CW: My earnings have little to do with it. I’m not penny-pinching. I have to work hard for my money.

Stupid: Big deal! Other people work hard for their money too.

CW: Sure. And some of those people like wasting their money and then bawling near the end of the month, “I’m broke.” And that’s fine if they’re proud to do that.

Stupid: So?

CW: So – everybody has individual choice. If they wanna continue being broke near the end of the month, that’s their business.

Stupid: And you’re trying to save everybody; how condescending!

CW: I’m not trying to save everybody. I’m sharing how I saved some hard-earned money. If anyone happens upon this blog and wants to save their pennies, then they can follow what I do.

Stupid: I’m not convinced.

CW: Good. Now’s a good time for you depart. Poof!


Chrysst! Writing my blogs is becoming harder and harder, with all these intrusive interruptions.

Anyways – nobody is obliged to follow what I do. If some feel it is infradig to go to the reduced-price section of their local supermarket, then stay away and pay more. I simply couldn’t give a flying flamingo!

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