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Guilty by reason of sanity: the ultimate insanity

The words in the title of this post ‘guilty by reason of sanity‘ cannot be found on Google without other words before or after. You can find ‘Not’ in front of the words.

What is it

It is the title of a book, I’m considering writing. What motivates the title is that on many occasions, I am wronged when I do the right thing. The ‘right thing’ is ‘sanity’. I do my job according to standards  that are accessible and can be read by everybody, in a certain health service. That’s supposed to be sanity.

‘Guilty’ means I am wronged i.e. found to be wrong or otherwise marginalised for doing or saying what is right. That must be the ultimate insanity.


  1. Poor people given shoddy treatment. When I say anything, I am given strange looks – as if I’m trying to be their saviour. I am not doing ‘saviour’. I am simply pointing out what is wrong. But for pointing out what is wrong, I am then wrong! WTF!!
  2. People who don’t know anything about my role, which has taken 30 years to learn, telling me what to do – like I’m supposed to put people at risk!


Of course there is has been a lot brewing in my history – and I’m getting pretty pissed off.

Everybody talks about ‘Human Rights’ but almost everybody cannot quote more than two Human Rights. Instead they believe that people have Human Rights to smoke fags, or to eat food. And right there I’m expecting to be considered mad (aka insane) for suggesting that smoking fags and eating food are not Human Rights. How is this happening?

It’s this simple – if a majority of people believe one thing – that tends to become a ‘truth’. It doesn’t matter if or how divorced from facts their belief is. Hence the person (namely me) having a sound reference point (in facts), is the mad one.

In the last few weeks I’ve been hearing the words “medically fit for discharge.” But wait – the bio-psychosocial model of health mental health care has been around and established for the last 15 years (at least) – and nobody is supposed to like the so-called ‘medical model’ (which is basically purely biological). So when I say ‘No – not medically fit for discharge‘ – I’m looked at as if I’m the insane person.

People with mental health problems often develop them as a result of serious social stressors. One of the commonest is about where they live e.g. house, home and people within or around their homes. It is totally ridiculous to say someone is ‘medically fit’, if we’re meant to chuck them out back to the same mess, when their illness is the result of that mess. That’s like saying “Right – we’ve cleaned up and dressed your wounds. Off you pop – back to the mud… and change your dressing regularly please!


I can’t say anything – without risking my neck! I’m the insane one!

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