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Portable power supplies sell out!

Well, something is up! As some may not know, I bought a Bluetti Powerbank several months ago before this post.

At that time many had a good laugh whilst going, “You’re crazy – the lights won’t go out!” Now there is a shortage of these on and at direct outlets such as Poweroak.

But wait – ain’t it funny how recently there has been panic in the media about the lights going out this winter (2022).

The usual interruption

Stupid: This is you trying to show off that you’re more clever than everybody else!

CW: I happen to be in the top 5% of the distribution curve of intelligence as a matter of fact. I’m only showing applied intelligence.

Stupid: There you go boasting again.

CW: Oh!? But people who boast that they’re thick and stupid don’t get taken down for their boasting about their thickness and stupidity. How come? How come if you happen to be actually smarter than the average of the population and you say so, you’re boasting?

Stupid: Nobody is allowed to say they are better than anybody else!

CW: Who made that rule?

Stupid: I don’t know – it’s just a rule!!

CW: But people are allowed to say they’re as thick as everybody else, or thicker?

Stupid: Yes.

CW: And who made that rule?

Stupid: I don’t know – it’s just a rule.

CW: Well, I have a rule that monumentally thick people should be given no special privileges, unless they are born with a disability of cognitive apparatus.

Stupid: Well you created me with such a disability at birth a couple years ago – so you’ll have to put up with it.

CW: You might think so – but you are not people! In fact you are not even a person! So watch this: POOF! You’re gone!


Chrysst! Where am I now? I got totally phased by that inane nonsense and attempted abusive take down.

Right – the point is, that the shortage of Powerbanks out there is new. I suspect that those in higher income brackets and of higher intelligence have been purchasing more of these devices. They’re preparing for worst case scenarios. These could be low probability events, that would be intolerable. Like what? For example if the lights go out for a few hours they want to keep their mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers and fridges going. Did I say Powerbanks are cure for the lights going out? I did NOT! I am not predicting that the lights will go out. How? I do no own the future, nor a crystal ball that can see into the non-existent future. I work on probabilities.

And again I was laughed at when I bought a Bohmer 5000W sine wave generator 2 years ago. Oh wow – surprise – at time of posting the latter link, the Bohmer 5000W it’s not available. Like why? I don’t know for sure – but my estimate is that loads intelligent people with the money have been snapping them up; preparing for low probability events. Maybe – I was a bit more than 2 years early.

Is this advice for anybody to rush out there and spend? It is NOT! If or when the lights go out, I’ll not be biting my nails in the dark or having a panic attack! As they say, ‘he who has the last laugh, laughs best.

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