Offended the government!

by Captain Walker

Categories: Law and order

I’ve been tracking certain goings-on at a certain online forum. I previously asserted in that forum that comments that offended the government were being removed. The following is as close as I can get to that proof.

Inane perspective and my response

Stupid: Serves you right!

CW: How?

Stupid: You can’t say things like that!

CW: Why?

Stupid: You’re saying wrong things, obviously.

CW: What’s wrong about what I said?

Stupid: I don’t know but it was anti-government. What you said was misleading.

CW: How?

Stupid: I’m not sure. Obviously the situation you reported was wrong.

CW: But you don’t know why it was wrong?

Stupid: I don’t need to know. The government is more right than you!

CW: How do you know that?

Stupid: Are you more right than the government?

CW: That’s not the issue. You don’t know what’s so wrong with what I stated, for it to violate a policy.

Stupid: You can’t criticise taxation.

CW: Says who?

Stupid: Everybody knows you’re not allowed to do that.

CW: I’ve had it! You simply do not know what you’re talking about. Be gone! NOW!


Just to be clear – wrong opinions appear all the time on the captioned social media forum. They aren’t all removed. My comment was based on sound evidence.

It appears that anything approximating the truth must be removed.

Come on! There is no offensive language in that comment. Sorry that’s the end of it.

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