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The big uproar: where’s your popcorn?

Chess is not most people’s cup o’ tea: it’s simply too hard because it requires deep thought and lots of energy.  So do I give a flying flamingo if nobody reads this? I do NOT!

This means war!

On 5th September 2022 Magnus Carlsen suddenly quite from a tournament when he was up against Hans Niemann.

We don’t know the facts about what Carlsen thinks. He has made only one cryptic tweet on 5th Sept 2022, that many believed implied that he thought Niemann was cheating.

To get the fuller story go here. See video below.

It’s cuhrazy! A world champion does not resign like that. No evidence emerged that Niemann had cheated. Niemann has confessed to cheating at the ages of 12 and 16 but not in over-the-board chess. That does not mean that he had cheated against Carlsen – but it certainly increases the probability, over and above another player who had never done such a thing. Just to be clear – probability is not fact!!

The unthinkable just happened

It got worse on 19th Sept 2022 when Carlsen played two moves and decided to resign. The game is here. This is war – a war of silence!

I mean Chess is a pretty silent game as it goes. It is mind against mind – but this war takes Chess to the next level. See what happened in video clip below (which may well disappear in time.) Carlsen resigns after about 10 seconds – people were stunned!

Speculative opinion

Based on the evidence of  Carlsen’s actions the following are possible (which means they are not fact):

    1. He may have reason to believe that something is terribly wrong.
  1. He may have evidence that Niemann is cheating but it’s difficult to present as credible.

Insane speculation

Elon Musk then jumps into the fray – to retweet some garbage! OMG!

Then there are wild assertions that both Niemann and Carlsen have used anal beads to some how communicate with some external agent or computer to cheat!

Pop corn time!

So – get ready! The next few days and weeks are gonna be better than a soap opera, as the internet goes wild on all this stuff.

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