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Musk threatens to go thermonuclear!

Wow! I’m just loving Musk for what he is doing with Twitter. It’s world changing! See what the WSJ says (link may not survive forever).

Of course not everybody will understand or appreciate. My bias has always been for freedom of expression. I nor Musk never said unrestricted free speech! FFS!

So what happened?

For a deep insight into Musk and what he’s doing with Twitter pick it up in part of the video. Tough – you’d need to find it for yourself. Most importantly he plans to have different tiers of engagement with the platform. So if you want ‘full-on’ you can dial in for that.

Freedom of expression in the UK and Freedom of Speech in the USA were never absolute rights. The basic example is that you can’t just go and mouth-off your employer’s secrets in public because you think you have ‘free speech’. And free speech was always subject to law of slander and national security.

People don’t like fake news, nor do they like nannyism. What Musk is bringing back is the fight against fake news and putting power back in the hands of truth-seekers, to directly challenge it.

Now just to be 100% clear. I don’t like Musk as a person. I don’t worship all that Musk says. On this occasion, I think he is doing the right thing – which has absolutely nothing to do with his person or reputation. I decide for myself what is right or wrong based on application of deep moral and legal principles. Now bugger off!


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