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The Orville – comedy or parody – worth watching

The Orville is the latest version of Star Trek. But it’s not like any other Star Trek. This has comedy and parody in it. It’s weird and whacky. The first season starts off with an adultery scene, which gets your curiosity up! 😂🤐 That colours many things that happen later in the series. It’s important to thinking about relationships. Then later in the series they travel many light years for the third officer to take a ceremonial pee! 🤣😆And like everybody is standing there chanting a few words as he has the pee over a high cliff! OMG! Nuts!

Folk on The Orville speak in corny way, just like our Gen Y and Gen Z generations. The sense of humour is in there interleaved with some very deep human issues. I must say when I hesitatingly started this series last week, I was like “What rubbish is this?!” But.. but.. I guarded against the Semmelweis Reflex and got past episode 5 of season 1. Now I’m well into season 2 and hooked – but in a different  way to any other kind of series. I don’t have this urge to do a run of 3 episodes or more.

The video review below is quite fair. This does not mean that I think it is the ‘Best Star Trek ever’. You can’t really watch a review and know what a series is about.

The usual interruption

Stupid: Well, that’s stupid. No way to get anybody interested in the film.

CW: I’m not here to get anybody interested.

Stupid: So why are you wasting time writing about it?!

CW: It’s not a waste of my time. I decide what I do with my time – not you or anybody else. Like other posts on this blog, it’s about recording my experiences and thoughts.

Stupid: Who cares! Nobody reads this blog except you.

CW: Good! Then it serves as my diary. I put it in the public domain knowing that Google does not pick up much of it. That’s by design. I’ve made it tracking unfriendly to search engines.

Stupid: So why not just keep it totally private?

CW: I don’t want it to be totally private. I know that a small handful of people read a few things from it.

Stupid: You can’t know that!

CW: I know because there is IP address tracking in the background which I check probably every 6 months. So I can see hits on the site – and Google gives me some analytics by country of origin.  It may help somebody totally unknown to me, think about things in a different way.

Stupid: Yeah right!

CW: Year right indeed. Back in the box.


For those who like to look at reviews and are swayed by what other people think go here.

Caution: I couldn’t give a flying flamingo if you don’t like Sci-Fi or like ‘The Orville’ as a series! I can’t know what ‘everybody’ will like – FFS!


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