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Time may be running out

The result of MRI scan has shown something that ‘may’ be a cancer. That’s brought me closer to my mortality. And – I nauseatingly re-iterate that ‘time is our most precious asset’. Hence, I have and will continue until the very end, to deal short shrift to idiots who intend to waste seconds or hours of my life.

I still spend much time on forums, and video channels, observing all these people up there – yes some of them are timewasters fiercely fighting some corner or moot point. I wonder, “Is that really that important? What difference will it make to your life or the human species, if I’ve misspelt a single word or missed a comma somewhere?” Or -poor soul you need to be a clever Dick to get a single thumbs-up of approval.” Of course, for that lot it’s about immediate satisfaction that they’ve got one in and someone has cheered them.

Then I have people asking me “Why are you wasting your time?“. Well, my mission or part of it, has been to catalogue the stupidity of people as has happened on this blog. Why is that so important? It’s this simple: ‘Stupidity is a dangerous force that threatens the existence of the human race. Intelligence sits alongside the ghost of stupidity.‘ Ever so often very intelligent people are possessed by stupidity, causing much suffering to themselves and others.

But back to the point- is it a cancer? I don’t know at this time. Further tests await me. If it is, I’m not necessarily going soon. Sorry to disappoint. If it is not – then woe is you who dares to get in my way and waste my time here on this earth. It’s my time. I choose how I spend it and with the very few I do share my time.

What’s next? Well – I accelerate into the future; that non-existent place and time – packing in double into the time I have and halving the number of idiots who might get near me. To anyone who reads this, don’t be so stupid to send me a note or card. You’ll suffer. I will cause you suffering like you never knew you could.

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