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Sound like you never heard it before – go mental!

I’m a longstanding customer of Anker. I don’t buy cheap poor-quality stuff. Anker is middle of the range and produces technology that is great and reliable.

No delay – the Anker Q45 is currently on sale for a genuine price drop of £42. So it’s now £97.99 which means I had paid the full price 3 weeks ago.

This thing is wild and wonderful. All the high notes in music are right where they should be. Bass sounds are outta this world. I mean this is like having a BoomBox on your head. I did not say that you need to deafen yourself!

This is truly satisfying and worth every penny, and more. This is the full monty – hands down. No arguments. Come on – you know I don’t call something good unless it really is. I don’t fool around on quality.

It’s best used by configuring with the Soundcore App on mobile phone, ensuring ‘Soundcore signature’ setting is selected with ‘Bass up’.

But wait, to go even more wild – do the following on a Windows 10 or 11 computer!

Oh no – it doesn’t end there! WAT?
To go absolutely mental – get the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus Currently it’s going for a genuine £80 off! Did you hear that – see it?! So price is down from £189.99 to £109.99.

I can’t tell you in a blogpost what the sound is like, obviously. All I can say is, it is mind-blowing!

When I said that the Q45 is like having a BoomBox on your head, I wasn’t joking. The sound of the Q45 is like having that the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus cranked up on your head. Yes – that sounds unbelievable.

With stuff like these two above, it requires reading the manuals carefully and some experimentation. The great thing is that if anyone purchases from Amazon and they don’t like the products, it’s so easy to return at no cost within a few days.

Well, they’d have to pay double and wrestle with me to return these two! LMAOoooo! 🤣😂

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