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Complexities with medication

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This is not a tutorial or advice. The infographic below is a broad-brush summary of some of the complex issues that need to be considered when prescribing medications. It is not exhaustive.

This is not meant to be used by patients or the lay public to make decisions. It may serve as a template for asking questions.


This is opinion - not advice nor a tutorial. Opinions expressed are not intended to influence or help you. Should you require advice for yourself or someone else, seek it from a recognised and appropriately qualified professional who owes you a duty of care. The author owes no duty of care to unknown persons who will be outside of a contractual relationship. This means that use of information or opinion from here, is at readers' own risk. Should you use the information or opinions expressed and it causes harm to a third party then you will be the one liable to be sued. If you harm yourself, you sue yourself.

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