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by Captain Walker

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Apparently – people are now so busy that they are unable to view videos I send them via YouTube links.

I recently sent the following video interview to several following on the post ‘Why I am proud to be a conspiracy theorist‘. Whoops – that’s approximately 2 hours long  – TERRIBLE for those who have dogs to take care of! My bad.

One of the responses was, “Not enough time to listen to it all now. Is there a 5 word conclusion?” Did I say that I expect everybody to take 2 hours of their time to listen to this? I did NOT!

But the quoted sort of words is nothing new to me. What is it is value? Apparently – I’m not to know what’s in my own head, cuz everybody tells me “You think ..[blah blah].” But since I don’t actually know what’s in people’s heads my hypothesis is was follows:

  1. Nobody is really interested in understanding anything anymore.
  2. Hence they seek a headline or some 5 word summary to take away.
Another silly intrusion

Stupid: You are crazy to think that any person in their right mind would spend 2 hours trying to understand two crackpot conspiracy theorists talking about the leak of some virus!

CW: As I was saying, people seem to know what I think. In fact I am told what I am thinking all the time. This is a ridiculous invasion of my privacy! You of all entities should know that I don’t think what you are asserting because you are part of my mind. You’ve broken out again to try and do a take down, whilst playing to the public.

Stupid: Whatever. The main point is that nobody is interested in stuff like that.

CW: Totally fine by me. I can’t know what everybody or even those closer to me might be interested in. It is up to them to decide.

Stupid: Why should anybody take time to understand what’s in that long video?

CW: I cannot speak for anybody or ‘everybody’, though any and everybody seems entitled to speak about me and what’s in my head.

Stupid: And?

CW: Well I’m not going to be explaining the video to you or anyone else. Now off you pop. 


Right I was able to recover from the above intrusion in quick time.

I was intrigued by the video because Ridley went into great depths, on how complex COVID was, evidence of cover-ups and avoidance of truth-seeking. The last one-third of the video would have appeared ‘hyper-philosophical’ to most people. I imagine they would have switched off on that. But that part was the most important in gaining an understanding on how the truth and science are shaped by political forces. ‘How’ cannot be summarised into 5 words – tough shit!

But I remind myself that not everybody is ready to be unplugged.

The Matrix is a system Neo. That system is our enemy. When you’re inside, you look around. What do you see businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters – the very minds of the people we are trying to save but until we do these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand most of these people are not ready to be unplugged and many of them are  so in need, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it..

I’m not here to unplug everybody! Apparently – everybody is entitled to freedom of choice. And so, they believe that their choices are their own. In reality their choices are pre-determined by the corporations and  big govt.

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