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The Burzynski Story: lessons in human nature

Dog-bathers are running for cover!! OMG! Like 3 hours of video? “No way!”, I hear them screaming as they zip off like The Roadrunner from Looney Tunes! 😂😁 Or there is the other group who want everything in 5 words. GET LOST NOW!

Well the shear stupidity of large systems and people in the above was overwhelming. If you want to understand the depths of human nature and it’s stupidity you’d watch the whole lot. Obviously 99% of people – in my estimate – have bigger priorities, like: dog-bathing, filing their nails, scratching their arses while watching Netflix, boozing socialising etc etc

Over $USD 100Million was spent hounding Burzynski.

The above shows the actions of the American government.

Burzynski is going to be a candidate for the Nobel Prize. If he gets it that’ll be like a hot ramrod, up the jacksie of each institution who hounded him.

These two videos reinforce my contention that:

  1. Human belief is a dangerous thing.
  2. Human nature is inherently more stupid than intelligent.
  3. Evidence is often useless.
  4. BigMedia and Social media are dangerous places.
  5. One can be guilty by reason of sanity.

Who knows – if Peterson and Burzynski could be hounded like that, I could be up next for a beating.


The Burzynski Clinic

The Burzynski Research Institute

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