Suspend mode

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities, Psychology & Philosophy

What now?“- you may wonder. “What’s he on about this time?” – I’m no mind reader but I may have heard you think it.

Well – it’s been playing on my mind – in the back of my consciousness – that the humans have a ‘suspend mode‘. Oh yes – I’ve been observing for a quite a while – and now it comes to the fore as a formed concept. The characteristics of ‘suspend mode’ are the following:

  1. Suspend feelings.
  2. Suspend thought.
  3. Suspend guilt.
  4. Suspend logic.
  5. Suspend conscience.
  6. Suspend religious values.
  7. Suspend moral values.
  8. Suspend psychological discomfort.
  9. Embrace oblivion.

How does that work? If you suspend some or all of the above, and take to oblivion, then you can do anything! What sort of anything? You’ll be able to do the most unconscionable things that you wouldn’t do if restraints were allowed to prevail. Like?

  1. Any sort of evil that you wanted to participate in.
  2. Hurt other people’s feelings.
  3. Engage in grotesque sexual acts.
  4. Release aggressive or violent tendencies.
  5. Justify whatever you want to do.

In other words you can become a perfect psychopath for as long as you like, as long as you remain in ‘suspend mode’.

And when you come out of ‘suspend mode‘, you look back and say “Fawk that – I was in suspend mode” – which is really another level of suspend mode.

I’m pretty certain that some reading this will identify a time when they were in suspend mode.  But…but.. avoidance and denial – other aspects of ‘suspend mode‘ easily slip in – and then there is always justification to help out.

You could justify anything on earth you want! Some never truly or completely come back out of ‘suspend mode’.

Off you pop – self-delusion is everything. You have freedom of choice. You are the boss of you!

You don’t like it? Then push off! I’m not here to unsuspend anybody.

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