The Belmarsh Tribunal

by Captain Walker

Categories: Rights and Freedoms, Humanities

No – it is not a Tribunal at HMP Belmarsh, in the UK. It is about what’s going on against one person at HMP Belmarsh. The Tribunal is at Washington DC.  DC? Democratic Capital – and you ought to focus on the meaning of ‘democratic’ and ‘democracy’. Now would be a good time to discover that a dog needs bathing, cuz the video below is 2 hrs and 22 min. This is not ‘just another story about Julian Assange.

What’s it about? It is only about how your democracy has been hacked by America! If you want to understand how the Rule of Law has been jettisoned in this case and others, you’ll have to spend time. If you don’t care about the ditching of founding principles in the Magna Carta, you are free to move on swiftly. But unbeknownst to you a superpower – out of control – is destroying your world and that for any descendants of yours who follow.

This post is being updated as I summarise what speakers have revealed. Typos to be corrected later. It is too hot to be distracted by minor issues.

I don’t normally summarise content from videos like these. On this occasion I make an exception because for the future, I need to easily and quickly review what was said without going through the videos again from scratch.

Jeremy Corbyn – not my fav person at all, spoke surprisingly well on the matter of political silence and destruction of the foundations of democracy.

Steven Donziger – in 2019  was targeted in New York with the first corporate prosecution in the history of the United States. Overall he would serve 993 days under house arrest and in prison for a charge where the maximum sentence under law was 180 days.  He was the first lawyer in history to be ever detained pre-trial on a misdemeanor charge. On appeal then charged with contempt of court.

John Shipton – Julian Assange’s father, speaks on the tearing up the founding principles in the Magna Carta; the rule of law tossed out like garbage – in order to cover up War Crimes and Crimes against humanity done by the US Government – and the United Kingdom a puppet of US Power.

Betty Medsger – talks on 1971 raid on an FBI facility by ordinary people -The Citisens Commission to Investigate  the FBI.  They used a crowbar, a car jack, and a get away car. She worked with those people who eventually revealed themselves in 2014. Their actions exposed organised policy. Campus employees were hired as FBI informers. Every black student was under surveillance. The persecution of black people, went so far as to hire prostitutes infected with venereal disease were to infect activists. A plot was designed to have Martin Luther-King to commit murder and suicide.

Daniel Ellserg – In 2023, he revealed that he was subject to indictment under the Espionage Act having possessed top secret information and did not disclose it until last year. A year ago he released secret documents on the Taiwan Straits crisis of when the US came close to using nuclear weapons against China to protect Taiwan. He held that information and did not previously disclose it. He stated that he is prepared to face a test of the Espionage Act – and calls on President Biden to indict him along with Julian Assange. Ellsberg revealed that 2000 President Clinton vetoed Congress which created Act to breach the First Amendment. Ellesberg disclosed 7000 pages of information he was authorised to have possession of.  He was prosecuted under The Espionage Act for disclosures that showed lies and violations of the Constitution across 4 successive presidencies. He argues that the use of the Espionage Act to prosecute Assange or any other journalist essentially tears up the First Amendment. He explains that anyone who receives, possesses or maintains such information falls within the wording of the Espionage Act.

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