Guilty by reason of sanity – the book coming soon

by Captain Walker

Categories: Education, Rights and Freedoms, Psychology & Philosophy

This is a follow up to Guilty by reason of sanity: the ultimate insanity in Sept 2022. The book has taken a lot of effort. The book cover and title are copyrighted. No other book exists by that exact title.

It’s not easy to dig back into memories – many quite traumatic.  There will be graphic accounts of human suffering among the mentally disordered. I will expose how I have been found ‘guilty by reason of sanity’ on several occasions.

Work on disclaimer

That meant drafting a careful legal disclaimer at the outset. You know, somebody may read the book and become quite disturbed by the scenes, get depressed or PTSD, or become suicidal. Or worse yet somebody flies into rage and decides to wage jihad etc. Of course, none of that is my intention. But the world is full of odd people and ambulance-chasing lawyers. FREE samples of the book will be in the public domain so potential purchasers can thumb it and decide if it’s not for them.

Book cover

It’s always difficult working out what is the right book cover – and I haven’t quite settled on it as yet. Fonts and images needed careful attention on the cover. After all, people say they don’t judge a book by the cover but they are attracted or repelled by images and fonts.

I knew that there had to be an image of someone imprisoned – because they’ve been found guilty. They had to be behind bars and looking depressed or sombre. It had to be male, to represent me. It was very difficult to find an image on Google that was copyright-free and allowed for commercial use. Being the cheapskate that I am, I wasn’t going to pay a designer hundreds or thousand of pounds for a book cover.

That meant I had to create the image de novo. So – I resorted to help from artificial intelligence at Midjourney, for a tenner. This is  online AI software that can take a description of what is to be created, and then create images out of thin air. It doesn’t pinch stuff from the internet. It’s a real work of art from the AI brain.

Sale and availability

Well, I’m not writing this with ‘making money’ in mind. It is a true autobiographical work. Too much has gone undocumented, so I just had to do this. If anybody reads it fine; I may make a few quid. If not, then it’s out there as a permanent record.

What’s in there

Human suffering for sure, as mentioned before. I’ll cover ‘the institutions’, health service management, how money talks, institutional psychopathy, psychopathy among staff, the misuse of treatments, abuse of patients, and a whole lot more. What’s not in there? There will be no advice. The sorts of questions that patients and relatives do not ask will be in there – and no, that’s not advice. I’ll quote the small handful of compliments I’ve received over the years. And I’ll dig into some ridiculous complaints made against me. I will expose how psychiatrists tend to think, from my observations.

What I can say is that this is going to like nothing, you ever read before! The book launch could come as early as 3 months from now onto Amazon KDP. But it could take another year. I don’t want to delay that long though.

Word of caution

And finally, I do not invite or require any assistance, tips, warnings or kudos from anyone reading this post. Uninvited attention may lead to someone else ending up behind bars. I really do not need to be distracted.

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