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Law to recognise children born as a result of rape as victims of crime

This is not a case review, law report or a tutorial from me. I point blank refuse to summarise anything of the situation with the new law in 5 words, because I do not condone or promote laziness!

If the topic is of importance to you, you do your own reading and your own learning. FFS! Yes – I have to say that with such emphasis because I’m totally fed up of people expecting to taught instead of teaching themselves. And I couldn’t give a flying flamingo if you do not like my form and content of words. Am I calling you who reads this ‘lazy’? I don’t know you. But if you expect me to digest a complex legal situation, that you are interested in, into 5 words, then you are lazy as hell.

Right – there is a Victims Bill on the way (read it or not) that will change the law significantly. If that’s all you need, you are indeed lazy.

The Bill is aimed at the situation where >>the Court of Appeal held that a child conceived with a genetic disorder as a result of the incestuous rape of his mother was not eligible to claim criminal injuries compensation as he could not be considered to be a “victim” of a crime that had been committed prior to his conception. Further, it was not possible for the court to assess compensation on the basis that he would otherwise have been born without a disability.<< [From Keogh’s LLP in link above.]

The relevant case law is at [2018] EWCA Civ 1175 Case No: C3/2016/3576 & 3577  Read it or not – what do I care? Nothing, obviously. I’ve put this post up on my personal blog because I might need to find the reference later on. If it assists somebody then fine – if it doesn’t also fine! End of.

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