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Well, loads of people have been biting their nails about ChatGPT. Yuh know anything that is new and apparently intelligent is to be feared. Like “OMG!! OMG!! AI is taking over the world, let’s have a panic attack!” The sort of responses are similar to when aeroplanes were made to fly people around, the telephone was invented, microwave ovens came on the scene – etc etc etc. Remember all the panic about mobile phones frying people’s brains etc? Some will say ‘never heard of that‘.

So what is ChatGPT? I’ll let ChatGPT explain it!! OMG!! Now – apparently – some computer virus is gonna take down my blog!! Anything is possible in the human imagination! Tough.

I asked ChatGPT about itself and peeping through your fingers – hand covering your face – you may be able to read some of it. ? Clicking on the screenshot may help. Else you could make excuses that the text is too small.

But don’t stop there. After you see and read a bigger view, you need to say, “It’s all gobbledeegook to me – I’m not an IT expert.

Or if you’re partially interested, then question (not me) whether it has viruses, and whether your computer will be hacked.

Do I have shares in ChatGPT? That’s the next question. No. I have shares in nothing! Chrysst!

Why is any of this important? You’re about to tell me, “I’m not convinced.” Do I give a flying flamingo? I do not!

Here’s the link for a free sign up to ChatGPT. Before clicking the link follow these instructions now!

  1. Put hand in mouth.
  2. With other hand operating mouse, hover over the link.
  3. Bite nails of hand in mouth.
  4. Break out in a cold sweat.
  5. Hyperventilate – to get that panic attack but do not call the emergency services.
  6. Repeat the above a few times but don’t click the link just yet.

Then go to bed. Sleep well.

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