Given the chop!

by Captain Walker

Categories: Business & Finance, Humanities

Well, in solidarity with everybody who is struggling with energy and food bills, I decided to give English Heritage the chop – thus saving £66/yr. Some will not understand. I should attempt some mind reading, of those who would judge me. I’ll call for help! Here comes ‘help’.

Stupid: Oh come off it! You can afford £66/yr.

CW: And?

Stupid: So why are you playing like if you can’t?! That’s lying.

CW: Yes. Not because I can afford it means that I wish to part with my £66/yr.

Stupid: So why lie about it?

CW: It’s simpler – gets the meat robot working more efficiently.

Stupid: I don’t get it.

CW: You won’t. You can’t.

Stupid: It’s a charity – you don’t have to be like Scrooge!

CW: Tough. I can do with my money what I like.

Stupid: And they even offered you a discount.

CW: So – I still don’t want to spend my money with them this year. A measly 20% off is not good enough.

Stupid: You could have haggled for a bigger discount.

CW: Nope. My time is precious. My time is valued by me at £600/hr. I’d spend 10 minutes or so haggling, which is £100 (for 10 min) value – only to save say 25% =  £16.50 – for something I don’t need for the next year. I’m not having it.

Stupid: Wat!! Who are you to put your time at such high value. That’s bledy arrogant!

CW: I am me – and I can put whatever value I like to my time. Nobody tells me what’s what for me. If you could check the internet, I would tell you to click and check whether I give a flying flamingo what you think!

Stupid: Well, I can’t click the internet link. So you’re saying they should have paid you to join them. That’s ridiculous.

CW: Yes – they should pay me to join – because I don’t need their subscription! Do I give a flying flamingo what you think? I do not! Or in case you need it more graphically, I’m sure you can see the image below!

Stupid: How rude!

CW: You are now given the Arkell v Pressdram response!

Stupid: What’s that? I can’t click on links.

CW: Good – now back in your cage. End of!

Stupid: But… but.. wait..stop pushing!!

CW: No – I’m the boss of you! Back in the cage .



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