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by Captain Walker

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Apparently – everybody believes they know all about leadership and management.

This morning I encountered some fool on a forum going, “How strange. What does “power” and “authority” have to do with effective leadership and management? If you think that is how you get a team to deliver the goods when the individuals in it are there by their own consent, then you’re living on a different planet.

And I respond:

I’m unable to address hypotheticals based on conditionals such as ‘if’.
>>How strange. What does “power” and “authority” have to do with effective leadership and management?<<
You could ask Steve Jobs but he’s gone – or read his approved biography. Or you could ask Bill Gates or Elon Musk. Or you could consult with ChatGPT – but the latter especially would be a waste of your time, because anything that came up to contradict your point of view would suffer the effects of cognitive dissonance.
What you need to have confirmed to your satisfaction is that power and authority have nothing to do with effective leadership and management. You’ll find the evidence/opinion on the net that confirms your world view.

The wording of the question was important, as well as the emotion behind it. I know about leadership, management, power, authority etc in relation to both from my business management studies. Hence, I can label that person as a foooool!! (did not do so on the forum).  The above led me to revise and review the key words in the captioned idiocy, in relation to leadership and management. Of course, these days I’m not going to trawl Google when I have ChatGPT which is far more helpful. Having done so, I came up with the following mindmap (which may not be viewable by everybody – tough).

Annoying interruption

Stupid: Are you an expert on leadership and management?

CW: No. And?

Stupid: Are you a great leader or manager?

CW: No. And?

Stupid: So what gives you the right to lecture everybody on these topics?

CW: I know this pattern of yours very well from your previous intrusions.  I’m not lecturing everybody. I’m sharing my experience and knowledge. I’ve revised what I already knew and shared it for the benefit of others, should they wish to discover more.

Stupid: Well you don’t have to be so argumentative with people on forums.

CW: I’ll deal with bullshit as I see fit, not as you decide. You know about this.

Stupid: Is that a threat?

CW: Yes.

Stupid: I you gonna cage me now?

CW: Yes – thanks for asking! Back in the cage – now! End of!


Jeez! Right – It is a good thing I did not give that imp more latitude.

For my older and different mindmap from a few years ago, see below or not.


  1. Leadership has to be based on power and authority – among several other things.
  2. There is a blur or overlap between leadership and management.
  3. Managment requires a certain degree of power and authority too.
  4. The effectiveness of leadership or management depends on how well the principles are applied.

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