Stupidity is still very much alive!!

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

As many know the topic of stupidity has occupied me privately and on this blog for quite a while. I’ve not written about it for quite some time. That ought not to mean that stupidity has died! The story below shows stupidity and its power.


  1. I can book at for the same apartment at £475 per 5 nights and directly at the company for £485.
  2. I open it up to do a better deal.
  3. They respond with the same figure of £485.

Oh – you want to see the emails? Look down – for the main one. WARNING: Anyone who finds me, makes unsolicited contact, stalks me, sends me anything in the post, will meet the full force of the law!! I do not want to be contacted!! End of! 

From: Me
To:  XXX Serviced Apartments <>
Sent: Saturday, 11 November 2023 at 17:43:00 GMT
Subject: Re: Price issue
>>I am amazed how thoroughly detailed your email is!<<

Unfortunately, the thorough ‘detail’ didn’t seem to do much for me. But my attention to detail works better for my very vulnerable patients

>>I can offer an ongoing rate until end of Dec of £90pn + £35 cleaning fee<<
This equates to (90pn x 5) + 35 = 450 + 35 = £485.

The ‘detail’ showed that I’m £10 better off if I book with I’m missing why £485 that you offered in your email, is advantageous to me, over at £475 (for 5 nights). – your middleman – must be taking the order of 15 to 18% commission, according to them (

It’s your business of course. I’ll book wherever I get the best price for me.

Many thanks for your kind response.

Best wishes


Why would anybody take the time to respond with a figure that offers no advantage to me?


  1.  They are a complete fool.
  2. They take me for a complete fool.

Well sorry it can’t/won’t be the latter.

Live long and be stupid

Stupid: I don’t get it.

CW: The person offered the same price as was on their website, which was £10 more than at

Stupid: So what?

CW: My email to them showed exactly the same. I asked for a price that was better than at their company’s website – obviously.

Stupid: I still don’t see the point.

CW: If the company is offering nothing different or better for me, why waste time responding with so many words? They could have simply said, “Sorry we can’t change our price.”

Stupid: Well, they may have been trying to be polite.

CW: There is nothing impolite by saying ‘we can’t change our price’ – to equal or better

Stupid: People sometimes try to be polite.

CW: I couldn’t give a flying flamingo. Don’t waste my time!

Stupid: You are autistic!

CW: So what – I still don’t like stupidity and time wasting. I don’t have to be autistic to be the way I am. Ordinary non-autistic people resent their time being wasted with stupidity!

Stupid: You’re obsessive.

CW: You’re STUPID! And now gone! Poof!


Bonhoeffer’s words live strong.

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