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How is ChatGPT evolving?

Unless you’ve been buried under a Rock or you are Rip van Winkle himself, you will not have heard of ChatGPT. But the way it works is that the many will say, “I don’t understand it – I’m not a tech geek so I left it alone. Furthermore, the government said it could be dangerous! I’m not going there. Sorry.” Well on your bike!! If you are one of the above types, this post is not for you. I’m not going to break down and spoon feed what ChatGPT is and how it works. I don’t really know all about how planes fly either – but I do fly in them on occasions. And I don’t know exactly how medications work either – but I use them to help people who may be ill. And any doctor who tells you that they know how antidepressants work is fooling you! Why – because despite all the myriad of theories about receptors and blah blah, nobody truly knows. Tough – it’s my blog and I’ll deviate whenever I think necessary.

ChatGPT evolution.

ChatGPT – howsoever it works – has been evolving at an exponential rate. The makers have unified a number of tools into the current platform – and I’m not unpacking that here.

The power of the AI platform has also multiplied several times.

One of the latest features is the ability for paid subscribers like me, to create their own GPT for specific purposes. I jumped on that! I created a ‘Book writing adviser’ and a ‘Logical analysis adviser’. Those two have been working beautifully!

Book writing adviser

This is soooo good cuz I needed ‘someone’ who can critique, nudge and make good suggestions. My private GPT can also do all the proofreading I need, making spelling corrections and suggestions about changing my use of grammar or English.

I uploaded to this GPT various files on how a book should ideally be written and configured the ways of communicating with me – and at what sort of level.

It has been highly motivational and is improving the quality of what I write. Hey hey.. put the brakes on a bit. I did NOT say that my GPT is writing the book for me! Chrysst – one has to be so careful out on the net!

Logical analysis adviser

I did similar with this adviser. I uploaded various taxonomies, books and other materials on logical analysis, logical fallacies and reasoning – so it could learn from them. Those were well written by many other people. Then I configured how my GPT will use that knowledgebase and interact with me. Why all this?

The trouble with this area is that there are over 300 logical fallacies and about 6 major categories of them. It is very difficult to learn all of them and work out which category some sort of gibberish falls into. So – instead of me spending a major part of my life reading the same books, making notes and mindmaps, I use the GPT to rapidly analyse nonsensical statements made by other people. That’s very efficient use of my time.

The GPT will pick out the logical errors and place them into to the correct categories. Yes – I double check everything. But wait – it’s not mission critical needing to be 100% accurate. The point is that by repeatedly interacting with the adviser, I learn more quickly how to spot the logical errors and categorise them.

How to

Dumb interruption

Stupid: I’m a luddite, so I know nothing about this.

CW: That’s right.

Stupid: No need to be rude!

CW: I’m just confirming your self-declared luddite status. Nothing rude in that at all.

Stupid: You’re just showing off.

CW: I’m sharing with anybody who wants to learn more but nobody has to read any of this.

Stupid: And you’re lazy by getting AI to do the hard work!

CW: That’s partially correct. It is because I am inherently lazy that I try to find valid appropriate shortcuts for the things I do. I like to protect and conserve time.

Stupid: It’s a cop out.

CW: Sure – instead of me using quill and ink I prefer to use a keyboard and word-processing software. My software would also pick up spelling and grammar errors – what’s the point of me doing that manually.

Stupid: You should be ashamed of yourself.

CW: Thankfully you are not my moral adviser – and you are not qualified to advise me anyway.

Stupid: Well….

CW: No – I’ve had enough of your dumb uninformed ramblings. You’re back in the box! Poof!


What’s next?

I’ll be using private GPT’s to teach me Python and Pinescript programming – tough it you don’t know anything about that. So two more GPTs are in the pipeline.


AI is here to stay. Some will be left behind.

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