I’m pretty good at mimicking stupidity!

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities, Psychology & Philosophy

Because I study stupidity so much, I’ve become a pass master at mimicking stupidity.

Well it is been good. How? Some people actually have come to believe that I’m either terribly stupid or demented to some degree.

I have evidence. Oh yes – but that doesn’t mean that everybody gets to see it. Why? Jeez – because I fully intend to keep up the act! Why? Cuz I want to draw out idiots and hypocrites who think they are clever and can pull one on me!

That lot think they can get away with the ‘I thought [blah blah bullshit].’ The other lot expects me to accept ‘But I told you so months ago.‘ How stupid are they? Very. They expect me to accept their version, so as not to call them a liar. Well tough shit. I’ll call anybody a liar. I couldn’t give a flying flamingo! Why? I don’t keep or seek friends – as I’ve said 1000 or more times before.

When I tell somebody ‘something’, you bet that I will have evidence of telling them. So when they go, ‘Oh I thought (blah blah)’ they’re making an instant fool of themselves. That’s fine cuz fools do not get to hang close to me!

Now some other fool out there are going to infer what they think my state of mind is, and get nosey! My only state of mind is joy! But apparently – on social media I am not allowed to know my own state of mind. To social media I say, ‘fawk off’. I think, feel and do as I please. I am not determined by yous!

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