Elevator situation

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities, Technology

Don’t ask – “How do these situations happen to you only?”.

Right let me get into it straight away. It’s today 29/05/2024, I’ve left my room on the third floor of a hotel, on the way out to get to a domiciliary visit.

I see a man who appeared be about 70 y.o, just outside the elevator on a mobile phone. Did I say the photo above is of the man? I did not! He’s talking to someone, and partially blocking me from pressing the button to call the lift. So I move around him carefully and press the button. He completes his conversation in the next few seconds and the lift door opens. I get into the lift. He goes, “Sorry.” I say nothing. I don’t know what the hell he’s sorry about. But in Eng-uh-land [England] the natives say sorry for anything under the sun. I was not offended, nor showed any sign of being offended. In England the culture is to say sorry, just in case you may have offended someone.

Okay – so I enter the lift. He follows in. He’s about 6 foot tall, greyish blonde hair, appearing to be around age 70. He had a jute shopping bag that was about 4/5 full of stuff.

As the lift doors close he says, “I don’t know how these things work” while waving the mobile phone to indicate he was talking about the phone and not the lift. I’m like “Wut!” – but I say nothing. Why? Several thoughts and emotions run swiftly through my head – and note that I say nothing of what’s in my head:

  1. But you were just using the phone.
  2. What’s your problem – are you thick?
  3. You can’t read or write?
  4. Are you suffering with dementia?
  5. Do you need a slap?
  6. Perhaps you’re just a luddite.
  7. Were you born yesterday or this morning?
  8. I couldn’t give a Flying Flamingo!

The above weren’t well formed in my head anyway – as was self-censoring and trying to control myself.

After thoughts

I do not know the characteristics of the man. I’m not to create imaginary reasons why he does not know how “these things work.” Flipping heck – he was just using the phone.

I think that some people will always be stuck in the dark ages, or feel like they’re stuck in the dark ages. That’s fine, cuz everybody is entitled to feel what they want!

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