Posting images via text messages

by Captain Walker

Categories: Technology

Why would anybody want to post images by SMS when things like WhatsApp exist? Simple – not everybody likes WhatsApp or similar.

SMS can send images in the usual jpeg or png format but that is usually at some cost. Why because it SMS uses MMS which costs. Well, it’s fine if some people want to waste their money. Nothing to do with me!

So, changing an image to text is what one would need if one does not like sharing images by SMS or by WhatsApp.

Several tools are available for free online. I like because it is so simple. This is not going to be tutorial on how to use

For screenshots pull the image into the portal or copy and paste into the orange window on the site.

Almost instantly a shortlink is created and copied to clipboard. I’d then just paste that into a text (SMS) and send.

Off you pop. What – you’re trying to understand first? You don’t. You do and then you understand.

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