The Captain’s Watch is the ‘space’ where the Captain records his thoughts and¬†experiences of the world he interacts with. ¬†The Captain lives an alternative lifestyle and very much has alternative ideas about life.

The Captain enjoys the finer things in life: travel, fine food, all kinds of music, fast cars, and pretty ‘things’. But the Captain is an enigma to most – an unusual and often confusing mix of relaxed lifestyle and a very active one. Most of the Captain’s perspectives are very different to a majority of people – and these are expressed very boldly here. The Captain enjoys a debate or even an argument.

This site is not for people who cannot withstand their belief-systems and modus operandi, being challenged in oft a brutal way.

The Captain is not here to persuade you to think in a certain way, or to change your values. This must be said at the outset. The Captain is also not into popularity contests. The Captain truly believes that logic trumps, tradition, authority, and numbers of people holding beliefs. In that sense the Captain will often appear to disrespect all of the latter three things which direct us to believe ‘things’ and ‘situations’.

Reality is a very hard place for the Captain, and so those who read these pages are unlikely to find comfort, security or some ‘path to a promised land’. The Captain is argumentative – even with himself or with imaginary others.

The Captain encourages disagreement – even fierce ones – that respect the principles of sound reasoning and logic. ‘What are the principles of sound reasoning and logic?‘, you immediately baulk. Well, that’s another thing, the Captain is not here to explain everything. You find out and you ‘do’. Google is your best friend (GIYF), not the Captain.

Personal attacks, innuendo and other slights, are not included in acceptable methods of disagreement. The latter types of comment are seen as immature and time-wasting. And if you expect the Captain to define the above keywords, please go elsewhere. Now you see what the Captain means about not engaging in popularity contests. You want explanations? You’re definitely in the wrong place. Whilst the Captain is a lover of accountability, he also suffers fools for attempting to nit-pick nonsense, minutiae, and minor exceptions to a general picture.

So in essence, you will find that the Captain is in a big rush to discover that which lies behind the facade created by our punny brains and our senses. Those who want to work with the Captain in a constructive way – even by disagreement are welcome. But those who find themselves getting in the way shall be ejected.

The Captain is about straight talk. So – watch out.