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I’m an Uber driver!

Well it’s a long-standing joke in the family, that I appear to be an Uber driver. Like whyyyyy??? I wear a Bluetooth headset on one or other ear, a fair amount of the time. Of course, I’ve been heckled to stop wearing it – and I don’t give in. TonightRead More

My message to the Future: Our Paradox of Intelligence and Ignorance

Introduction In the vast corridors of time, humanity emerged as a beacon of intelligence and innovation, casting a shadow across the cosmos that intrigued the imagination of both the dwellers of Earth and, perhaps, extra-terrestrial beings. We, the inhabitants of the blue planet, had embarked on a journey of unearthingRead More

Whistle and die

Many are not aware of what happens to whistle blowers in the NHS. This is not going to be a lecture on the topic. What you get are links to Peter Duffy’s books – which you can find and read (or not) at your own cost. Oh yes – whatRead More

The Great Dying and the great creation

Calm down – this is not about suicide. Jeez! Recently I came across by accident the BBC iPLAYER Series ‘Earth’. The first episode starts off with events of the Permian Period – the Great Dying – 300 to 252 million years ago.  This was news to me! How? Early towardsRead More

Emblazoned mediocrity and incompetence

Over many years, I’ve been noticing that it is acceptable for many people to declare themselves as  ‘lazy’, ‘dumb’, ‘stupid’, ‘luddite’, or ‘thick’. By stark contrast people who dare to assert that they are smart, or of above average intelligence are not accommodated very well. Instead they are given aRead More

Not a quiet time

In the last 2 months I’ve been working flat out. I’m coming into so many clinical and managerial issues. I’ve been in a state of disbelief about what’s happening – or rather not happening for patients. This has put me into deep thought on the fundamentals of medical practice. HenceRead More

Struggling to cope

No – I’m not struggling to cope. The world struggles to cope with certain types of phenomena. What types are those? Slow burn or insidious [there are online dictionaries if needed] Fast burn: explosive evolutionary path. Those that do not immediately confront the senses. I decided to have (yet another)Read More

Experts and expertise

Preamble In 2012 I explored the nature of expertise in an article that was mainly focused on expert witness expertise. A deeper exploration was triggered today when I discovered a statement made by the Care Quality Commission. Scroll down for more. This article will delve deep into the issues ofRead More

Artificial Intelligence – a new dawn.

The net has gone wild since around November 2022, when AI took off. The rate of advances is staggering in the last 6 months. As usual, when something powerful arrives that disrupts the usual run of the mill, people react in fear or freeze up. If you haven’t heard ofRead More

The blur between arrogance and ignorance

Arrogance is a personality trait characterized by an exaggerated sense of self-importance, superiority, and a lack of empathy or consideration for others. Arrogant individuals tend to have an inflated sense of their own abilities, achievements, or worth, and may display a dismissive or condescending attitude towards others. They often believeRead More

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