Some times I wonder

It’s happened so many times before in my life in England, that I provide clear and conspicuous information but people then ask me for clarification. I often wonder what the heck is going on. Here’s the situation. I send out letters to professional colleagues with my postal address, telephone contactRead More

On a roll here – Skype is great.

I like Skype. I dare say I was one of the first people in the world to try Skype ( Now, you reading this might think ‘everybody knows about skpe!’. Well no – not everybody knows about skype. Half of the people I know are clueless about it and aren’tRead More

Why a Google Calendar

I like Google Calendar. The people who invented this really put a lot of thought behind it. It took me about a year to get using it regularly. I now wish I hadn’t taken that long. Here’s how it benefits me: I can store my agenda securely online. I canRead More


Yesterday something small occupied my mind. But it was something that repeatedly came to mind over the years. I got into my car and drove off as usual. About a minute down the road, I could see a tiny fly in the upper right corner of my windscreen. It wasRead More

Feeling whole again

It’s been something I wanted to write about for some time – the feeling of wholeness. Like sometimes one of your prized objects doesn’t work well and you simply feel ‘not whole’. It could be something simple like a wrist watch. Or it could be your dishwasher. Well in theRead More

What’s with the banner

The banner picture is of one of my favourite places. It was a peaceful time when I was on vacation  in 2005, at an exotic location. I could sit back and look up at the heavens and think about nothing. Yeah nothing. It’s great to think about nothing. I wasRead More

Oh well

Life rolls on. I write a great deal everywhere else but here. I’m not entirely sure why. So I’m trying to change that. I’m thinking perhaps that no one really looks on here. But in reality that should not matter, because it’s not meant to be show. It’s supposed toRead More

The use of ‘one’

Sometimes I get confused using English, once I think too hard about it. Like today 22:00 I began wondering whether the possessive form of ‘one’ had an apostrophe. So I’m thinking, ” Is it ones’”? or “Is it one’s”? In fact I began to wonder how on earth I knewRead More

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