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Artificial Intelligence – a new dawn.

The net has gone wild since around November 2022, when AI took off. The rate of advances is staggering in the last 6 months. As usual, when something powerful arrives that disrupts the usual run of the mill, people react in fear or freeze up. If you haven’t heard ofRead More


Well, loads of people have been biting their nails about ChatGPT. Yuh know anything that is new and apparently intelligent is to be feared. Like “OMG!! OMG!! AI is taking over the world, let’s have a panic attack!” The sort of responses are similar to when aeroplanes were made toRead More

Sound like you never heard it before – go mental!

I’m a longstanding customer of Anker. I don’t buy cheap poor-quality stuff. Anker is middle of the range and produces technology that is great and reliable. No delay – the Anker Q45 is currently on sale for a genuine price drop of £42. So it’s now £97.99 which means IRead More

Italicise text between speech marks using advanced find and replace in MS Word

All of this post is my notes. It’s not designed for ‘you’. I use advanced features of find and replace in MS Word. I write my notes like self-talk because I’ve noticed that in a few months’ time I may not remember every aspect of this. Challenge Recently I wantedRead More

Nail biting technology!

Lots of people do not know that they can take a video on their phones and upload it directly to YouTube. Most people will have a panic attack first. Required: A functioning brain of average intelligence. Sound internet connection via 4G or WiFi. A good performing phone. Heavy doses ofRead More

Portable power supplies sell out!

Well, something is up! As some may not know, I bought a Bluetti Powerbank several months ago before this post. At that time many had a good laugh whilst going, “You’re crazy – the lights won’t go out!” Now there is a shortage of these on and at directRead More

Amazing situation with Amazon

Right – this is about weird stuff. I spent money on Amazon and was probably rewarded for my honesty about some sort of glitch. The purchase I bought two technology items on Amazon for a total of £156.98. I got notification that they were delivered to my collection point atRead More

Learning how to use software

Lots of people are content to refer to themselves as luddites when it comes to things technological. The main reason for that is the sense of camaraderie and support from equally dim people. How would I know? I’ve seen and experienced the phenomenon too many times over the last 20Read More

Speech recognition

The short clip below shows what Dragon Naturally Speaking does. Semmelweis Reflexes – are going off like crazy among those who would be proud to boast that they are luddites. Others have jumped on Google to find that Dragon is too expensive for them. I’ve gone slowly in my dictationRead More

Neat trick with Camtasia and Snagit

Some people – there are always ‘some people’ – will not know about Camtasia and Snagit. The Semmelweis reflex takes care of that lot. The way it works is that if you hear about something that sounds technical or comes from somebody you think is a nerd, you move onRead More

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