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Site structure

The site is driven by WordPress, which is free software.


The site’s structural appearance – banners, fonts, side-bars etc – are within the container of a theme. Different themes can be applied to WordPress. It’s like different suits clothing. You’d be unexpected to dress up for in a formal way if you’re just lounging around at home. If you had to attend a job interview, you’d put on a different set of clothes and dress smartly (I hope).


These are big containers for ideas posted up here e.g. Psychology & Philosophy.


Tags are separate groups of posts gathered together by keywords e.g. beliefs. Under each post will be a list of keywords (tags). Clicking on those words brings up other posts that may have been tagged with ‘beliefs’.


These are articles in the usual run of the blog. Some content is on pages like this one.


At the very top of the site and the blogroll is a set of menus. These can be used to navigate on key content or categories.

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