What is mindset?

People use the word ‘mindset‘ fairly often. But what does it mean? Many will now reach for their dictionaries and Google. When I think about how others refer to mindset, I get the impression that they mean the person’s mind is set in a certain way. I think that’s partially true. People use mindset often … Read more


As usual this is not a lecture on attitude(s). This post is almost entirely about personal observations and my own thinking about the topic. There is a mindmap constructed after reading many sound references. In no way is this post a complete exploration of the topic. I can imagine I have missed some important issues. … Read more

What I’ve done

Just to be clear, I’ve done nothing more than try to help people to open their own eyes. But the problem is not with ‘the eyes’; it is with the brain or mind. One cannot open a brain or mind, even if one could pry open people’s eyes. This thought comes to me on reflecting … Read more

Super-patterns: The ultimate tapestry of life

I’m going deeper – and this is a difficult one to put into words. For other posts tagged with ‘patterns’ go here (or not). In this post I return to ideas on patterns. But I’m looking under patterns i.e. what if something deeper than patterns is ‘programmed’ or programmable? I’ll refer to this as super-patterns. What this means is … Read more