Good dish

This has meat in it. But it could be made without. That’s rice noodles amongst, Shitake mushrooms, sliced celery, fried onions, sliced cabbage. Yes it’s something Chinese but I don’t know what they call it. Not important to me, anyway. For those who need to find a name, full marks to you for finding it … Read more

Oysters–a new experience

Probably two to three years ago I had finally gotten out of my zone of comfort about eating oysters. No – you don’t eat the shell. When I was in Brighton I recall, I had tried one or two.  They had a ‘different’ sort of metallic taste. I wasn’t put off by that. As time … Read more

Boiled rice–simple!

You know I overhear people at supermarkets saying that they don’t know how to “cook rice” – and hence they don’t buy it or try it. Hello – I’m not saying you have to like the thing. I’d just read the instructions and follow what it says on the ‘tin’, but that’s too hard for … Read more