Valdo Calocane: did he get away with murder?

The recent events on the sentencing of Valdo Calocane have led to public outcries. Mr Coates’ son James (a victim) said that Calocane had “made a mockery of the system“, adding that “he has got away with murder“. I have no relationship to the victims, their families, Calocane or the legal proceedings. This exploration will … Read more

Law to recognise children born as a result of rape as victims of crime

This is not a case review, law report or a tutorial from me. I point blank refuse to summarise anything of the situation with the new law in 5 words, because I do not condone or promote laziness! If the topic is of importance to you, you do your own reading and your own learning. … Read more

Animals – again!

Yes the attacker is wrong – totally wrong. I reckon 90-something percent of people seeing the video will say “Serves him right!!” And that is called animal thinking consequent on animal behaviour. Watch the old geyser with the umbrella. He’s just comes in to have his share of the ‘fun’. It’s a thing called assault … Read more

I may soon be arrested!!

As if to predict what would happen on Fraggle Rock, the Cap had pondered the issue of Riots as recently on 10th March 2012 in: Of Riots in banana republics. Then, lo and behold, riots break out on the Rock on 13th March 2012 as reported in the T&T Guardian and, Newsday. According to Rock-logic, … Read more

Stupidity of the Rock order!

Another Rockian’s email account is hacked.. and spewing porn adverts at me. Well I guess it is not just a Rockian thing. Dohtishness and laziness flourishess outside of the Rock too. Everybody goes “Oooooh.. but I had a really strong password” and in my mind I say “Bollocks!!”. The guidance from Wikipedia is good (and … Read more