Upsetting Drake – with the SETI Complexity Equation

In the grand cosmic saga of life in the universe, the Drake equation has long stood as a guiding light for those seeking to understand the prevalence of extraterrestrial intelligence. This elegant mathematical formula, conceived by astronomer Frank Drake in 1961, has captured the imaginations of scientists and dreamers alike, offering a tantalising framework for … Read more

Humanity may be erased by QAI – or not

What is AI? Some people do not know and do not care. AI means Artificial Intelligence. That means intelligence that is manufactured by humans. Intelligence is a broad concept but basically it means the functions of finding solutions and adapting to situations. Well – of course ants do that too. So yes ants have a … Read more

A reflective time… tiny chemicals

I’ve been quite busy since September 2009, with new work and new experiences. There have been so many experiences to blog about but not in this space. I therefore spent much more time blogging at Jumbie’s Watch, My proper English on this blog has me rather restrained, which is no bad thing. At Jumbie I … Read more